Vol III has gone to the Publishers

Announcement: Black Walnut Anthology Authors and Fans; We have gone to the publishers, it is waiting for layout finalization and then we will go live in about one week or so, once the final layout has been approved we will be able to publish to Kindle for our Kindle readers and fans.

We have an amazing issue, one of the best issues we have published to date. I have attached the Cover of the issue for our readers and contributors to view. Our cover art is by Nelson E. Maldonado Ramos — Hera Queen of all the Gods


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  1. Clausen - Velez Ariana Post author

    Black Walnut Anthology, Vol III is now available just in time for the celebrating of the Temple of Diana’s 9th Anniversary an organisation in which is affiliated with Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church; both based out of Salem, MA and the Commonwealth of Mass.

    Black Walnut Anthology Vol. III is an amazing collection of works ranging from Occult Practitioners from around the globe, occult authors and practitioners from Australia, Nederland, the Other Side, Puerto Rico, Spain the United States and other countries. We are featuring many authors who have written on their chosen paths, North American Voodoo, Theurgist, Gnostic Paganism and the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary, Sicilian Witchcraft, how to transform your-self to find inner and outer healing, medicinal healing-Green Witchcraft and much more.  
    As collaborated authors this is one of our best issues yet…

    Purchase your copy/ies today at our main Create Space eBook Store, when ordering here if you are a Shoppe owner and would like to order in bulk please contact Ariana for your discount code it will be good for orders of 6 or more copies. Also available thru Amazon.com and Europe (the Europe channels vary according to country), and via Kindle (KDP) for those readers who enjoy their Kindle’s, all versions are available to look inside via the selling channels, we have some great articles in this issue. Also be sure to check out our other Volumes which are found on the side bar.

    Note: We will be selling it in Magika in Salem, MA as well for those who would like to purchase the book version. More details to follow on when it will be in Magika’s Shoppe at 63R Wharf Street; Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA 01970.

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