What is to come in Vol III – Due out mid-April

Just an update on the progress of the editing of the Anthology, we have some amazing articles in we had some surprise contributions and I have all articles formatted thus far, we are still waiting on two more articles from Nelson Enrique Maldonado Ramos and Lori Bruno to top it off and some amazing original art from Nelson Enrique Maldonado Ramos as well, which will be our featured art of this issue.

Here is the list of chapters to date in which everyone can look forward to reading, it will be published in both book and kindle editions.

Articles we are featuring in Vol III

  • Abracadabra
  • The Feast of Remembrance
  • The Spanish Witch Signs, Coincidences and Manifestations
  • The Archetypical Magician
  • Primitive Consciousness and Modern Magical Training
  • Be your own Herbal Expert, pt 1
  • Healing Wise: The Shamanic Herbalist: Power Plants
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Gnostic Psycho-Synthesis
  • On the Nature of Gnostic Paganism
  • Walking with Odin: Death in a Shamanic Context
  • North American Voodoo and the Underground Railroad
  • Sicilian Witchcraft
  • Transformation is like forging a Sword

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