The Mystic Will, by Charles Leland


Charles Leland also wrote The Mystic Will, it is what many today would associate to The Secret or the Law of Attraction from the beginning of the 20th century dating back to the times of our most Ancient of Philosophers in how one attracts according to your thoughts and actions. Charles Leland’s works are deep and teach us many things, this work was reprinted by Dr. Leo Louis Martello in 1972 and I am sure by others since.

I have five copies of the 1972 issue all are in good condition, yet with minor colouring to the pages ends and points.

I am offering them for sale at $7.00 each plus shipping costs of $5.00. It is a valuable work to have in your library and one that transcends time and is part of all cultures, eras and societies. We have the ability to change thought patterns, to retrain our brains to look for those things that bring Success, Healing and our own Personal Power.

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