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The Mystic Will, by Charles Leland


Charles Leland also wrote The Mystic Will, it is what many today would associate to The Secret or the Law of Attraction from the beginning of the 20th century dating back to the times of our most Ancient of Philosophers in how one attracts according to your thoughts and actions. Charles Leland’s works are deep and teach us many things, this work was reprinted by Dr. Leo Louis Martello in 1972 and I am sure by others since.

I have five copies of the 1972 issue all are in good condition, yet with minor colouring to the pages ends and points.

I am offering them for sale at $7.00 each plus shipping costs of $5.00. It is a valuable work to have in your library and one that transcends time and is part of all cultures, eras and societies. We have the ability to change thought patterns, to retrain our brains to look for those things that bring Success, Healing and our own Personal Power.

Get your copy today. Just email me for more information and how to get your copy today. All payments are via to

Many Blessings

Vol III has gone to the Publishers

Announcement: Black Walnut Anthology Authors and Fans; We have gone to the publishers, it is waiting for layout finalization and then we will go live in about one week or so, once the final layout has been approved we will be able to publish to Kindle for our Kindle readers and fans.

We have an amazing issue, one of the best issues we have published to date. I have attached the Cover of the issue for our readers and contributors to view. Our cover art is by Nelson E. Maldonado Ramos — Hera Queen of all the Gods


Welcome to the Official website of the Black Walnut Anthology

The Black Walnut Anthology is an amazing bi-annual publication focusing on the Greater studies of the Occult, it is a coordinated work of occult authors, crafters and artists from around the globe. I have always loved reading and writing and as someone who is always seeking to learn more I decided to bring this knowledge to the greater occult community for those who are true seekers. The Black Walnut Anthology is available via paperback and Kindle versions as well as available in eight countries as well as the United States.

Why I called it the Black Walnut?

theblackwalnut Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to the Black Walnut tree, growing up with one in my Grandmas’ backyard we always climbed and I would sit in the branches for hours as a young girl. This was one the oldest trees on my Grandmas’ property we grew up on as children. My Grandmother taught us to beat the tree and it would aid in the walnuts growth and productivity. The energy of that tree drew me to it every time we spent time there.

Later in life after I found my path and got deeper into my studies I learned much more about the Black Walnut and that there was a much deeper meaning and connection to the Walnut tree.

As I began studies in Strega I stared having visions and one vision was of a great gathering in the woods where many were dancing about around many Walnut trees that were in a grove and they were in a circle, I knew then there was a reason all those years ago as a child I had felt such a connection to the Walnut tree in my Grandmother’s yard. When I told of this vision to my “True Mother” see smiled and winked and then had me read Carlos Gustav’s Night Battles, then I understood a great deal more and much more started to make sense.

I started to look more into the healing properties, myth, magic and the deeper connection to the Walnut the nut itself, the shape and what part of the body it resembled and more. When I understood that the Walnut was the tree of the Witches and one that is danced around by those chosen, it is the tree of initiation and initiating, the tree many call Tree of Evil and it connections to the mental universe and that of the physical and the underworld I knew then why I had such a connection to it.

Why I named the Anthology the Black Walnut because the Occult is of all these realms and many more. It is the deepest connection to any tree and it seemed fitting for the Anthology to be entitled that due to the nature of the Black Walnut. I was inspired to create this to bring into light those articles, artists, areas of studies in which many do not have access too or that is forgotten about in many of today’s studies and training, they are lost or just simply not considered relevant to what is out there today.